MOREnet Core Outages

DeviceProblemLast ChangeAcknowledgement TenGigabitEthernet1/1
State = down. CHAIN 1101 [A.13] towards Kennett ( Pemiscot Co. SSD )
4h 26m 18s Acknowledged
umc-fw9500.op.more.net100ge_3-1-1 Loss of Signal1w 4d 22h 1m 59s Acknowledged
sdc-fw9500.op.more.neteport_1-4-8 Loss of Carrier2w 1d 19h 26m 59s Acknowledged
umc-fw9500.op.more.neteport_2-16-8 Loss of Carrier2w 1d 19h 31m 59s Acknowledged
umc-fw9500.op.more.neteqpt_3-14 Equipment Remove6w 4d 16h 26m 59s Acknowledged